Overall we really rate the Scott Trail Tuned short – it’s comfy and tough, floats over kneepads and covers everything, but the price is fabulously steep

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Scott Trail Tuned short


Scott Trail Tuned short review


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The Scott Trail Tuned short is made from fabric that feels fantastic; it’s luxuriously soft, stretchy and light without being so flimsy as to flap around in the breeze or creep up your thigh. And it’s capped with an effective PFC-free DWR coating for splash protection.

Scott has licensed this posh fabric from Cordura, and we found the Trail Tuned stood up as well as the other best mountain bike shorts to abuse and survived one close encounter with a bramble bush without a scratch.

Scott Trail Tuned short

Deluxe fabrics and lots of nice details

Detailing is excellent – there are two zippered side pockets for a phone and key, and a run of laser cut holes down the inner panel of each leg for cooling. The Trail Tuned also uses an aluminium hook closure – you simply slide the hook into the correct nylon loop to get the fit spot on. It’s an innovative solution that should, in theory, outlast a more traditional button or popper design.

The Scott Trail Tuned short also comes with an excellent padded short liner, which together with the Cordura fabric explains the higher price. Fortunately the Scott liner (£46 separately) is very comfortable and well fitted, so makes a decent investment.

Long-legged riders will rejoice at the fit of the Trail Tuned shell, as it’s probably the longest short we’ve tried since the heyday of capri pants in the noughties. It’s not silly long if you’re 6ft tall, but shorter riders might want to try before buying.


Weight:234g (liner 117g)