Comfort and storage are high on the agenda with these liner shorts.

Product Overview

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Score 9

Bontrager Troslo inForm Cycling Liner


  • Abundant storage
  • Wide gripper helps to hold kneepads in place


  • Pockets could do with being a little stretchier


Bontrager Troslo inForm Liner Bib short review


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As the weather turns warmer and the evenings lighter there are more reasons to get out on the trails. Evening blasts require less kit than a weekend epic and so riding unencumbered by a heavy pack is an appealing prospect.

The Bontrager Troslo Liner short can help you do that whilst increasing ride comfort. So is this a win-win from Bontrager?

Bib shorts are best

Bib shorts have long been seen as the most comfortable style of padded short. Cutting out the waistband and relying on straps that go over your shoulders (like braces) reduces the ‘cut in half’ feeling a waist short can give you.

The Troslo’s shoulder straps are nice and wide to spread the weight evenly. They also use a mesh style material to try and minimise the heat build up that can occur with the extra material of a bib short. Bontrager has continued the mesh down onto the thighs to try to make them as comfortable as possible in the heat.

The best mountain bike shorts

Sizing is also pretty accurate – the Medium tested felt very comfortable with no unnecessary loose or tight bits over my 32in waist and for my 6ft 1in height.

Bontrager Troslo

The bibs use a soft mesh material for effective moisture management. And camouflage grippers!

Perfect padding

Bontrager uses a proper sized chamois pad and it’s fair to say that I have had no complaints about the comfort across a multitude of different saddles. In fact the Troslo is normally one of the first liner shorts I look for when getting ready for a ride – to the point when if I realise it’s in the wash I tend to get a little bit sad.

Storage for stowing

But the Troslo isn’t just one of the most comfortable liner shorts on the market. It has a bonus prize of cramming in five storage pockets. These vary in size, but suffice to say, it is completely possible to carry everything you need for a decent ride spread over the five. The three large pockets located at your lower back are certainly the largest and most useful; you can stretch them enough to cram in tools, pumps, tubes and valuables. The two smaller thigh pockets are mainly suitable for softer items like food – you’re asking for a dead leg if you carry your multiple here.

Bontrager Troslo inForm Liner

Easily accessible space for bottles and tools

Ditch the pack

The only other issue I experienced with the Troslo is to do with the camo (nice touch Bontrager!) leg grippers. They grip like limpets, and if you are not careful when pulling the shorts on it can be easy to tear stitching. This grip does hold errant knee pads in place superbly though.


Multipurpose kit can be a winner and this definitely rings true for the Bontrager Troslo inForm Liner short. The storage provided by the five pockets is certainly enough to warrant ditching the pack. The further good news is the Troslo is one of the most comfortable liners we have tested.


Sizes:XS-XXL (Medium tested)