Banish soreness on long rides with the minimal Foundation brief from 7Mesh.

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7Mesh Foundation Brief


  • Thin pad and thin fabric keep you cool and sweat-free.


  • Not cheap.


7Mesh Foundation brief review


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A pair of the best padded liner shorts underneath baggy MTB shorts add extra cushioning for long days in the saddle. I’m a big fan of them, since cycling-specific liners often also use breathable, wicking and quick-drying materials to keep you comfier on top of just padding your backside.

7Mesh’s Foundation undies come with a minimal foam pad that differs from most on the market by only covering bum cheeks, rather than also wrapping up the front, and also has perforations in the groin area for extra ventilation and heat escape. The body-hugging stretchy fit stays put while pulling shapes and the thin fabric resists wetting out, unlike cotton boxers or briefs that can turn into a sweaty mess on hotter days.

I’ve always found baggy shorts don’t combine that well with thicker, multi-layered pads in road or XC chamois bibs, designed to be worn as a single layer in the exact same riding position for hours. And for this reason, I’ve worn to destruction several thinner-padded Mavic liners that used to come with the brand’s shorts about ten years ago. Despite searching, I have never found a superior replacement.

Thankfully, there’s the same unrestrictive and cool all-day comfort from this Foundation brief. The key to its success, I think, is how the thinner pad doesn’t bunch up or wriggle, and also doesn’t need a ‘perfect’ position on the ischium (bum bones) like a road chamois. Combine this with the stretchy material breathing really well around thigh and glute creases and cracks, and the whole set-up keeps you fresh and reduces any chaffing.


Yes, forty-five quid is as much money as some outer shorts, but having had to break out the surgical spirit and udder creams for saddle sores or dry rot in this sensitive area before, I’d argue this effective 7Mesh Foundation is a sound candidate for that extra financial investment.