The DZR Sense Black LTD is a comfortable and grippy shoe but not hardwearing enough for our testers

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DZR Sense Black LTD


DZR Sense Black LTD review

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With its skate shoe styling and thick padding in the heel and tongue, the DZR Sense Black LTD is the among the most comfortable flat shoes that we at MBR have tested. The problem is, it soaks up water like no one’s business, and there’s not a lot of heel clearance — you might be able to see the black mark on the back where it’s been catching the tyre.

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At 50A durometer, the DZR SAP rubber sole is surprisingly soft and offered a good balance between grip and foot position adjustability.

There’s plenty of traction and the chain-link patterned sole has just the right amount of flex, so you can feel the pedal, but not so much that it causes any discomfort.

There’s a big bumper around the whole of the shoe to protect against rock strikes, and the upper is surprisingly weather-resistant and easy to keep clean.

Now the bad news: the DZR Sense is not very hardwearing. The laces on one shoe wore through after two rides, and both shoes are sporting cuts and abrasions on the waxed canvas upper.

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Weight:945g (pair)