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Tested: Sunline V1 Seatpost £79.99

Sunline V1 seatpost

Like all the best seatposts, tilt and fore/aft adjustment are independent of one another on the new Sunline V1, due to a unique ‘worm gear’ clamp angle adjuster. To be honest, this design is very similar to one we saw on an Answer post several years back — and at the time we thought it was very good and were surprised the company never pursued it. The two-bolt system allows the head to angle forwards or backwards, while still securely gripping the saddle rails. The clamps are also forged for strength and are 40mm long to prevent twisting or bending, but the worm gear does impede the bolt heads, especially when making adjustmens with a trail tool.

The V1 is made from lightweight 2024 aluminium alloy, and like a Thomson, gets similar ribbing to increase surface hardness, which reduces scuffing when rasing and lowering the post in the frame. Sunline says the V1 blends XC weight with DH strength, although we feel it should offer a layback option, as it could easily offset the machined head. It is available in three diameters, a substantial 400mm length and gets an ovalised shaft to boost front-to-back stiffness, which is a feature also found on the Thomson Elite post. The V1 is solid (read heavy) and infinitely adjustable, but we can’t rate it any higher because the Elite is cheaper, fits more bikes, has a setback option and is lighter.

Mbr rating: 7

Tested: Sunline V1 Seatpost
Price: £79.99
Weight: 281g
Sizes: 27.2, 30.9 and 31.6mm
Length: 400mm
Colours: Grey or black
Contact: MMA Sports, 01792 467467,

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