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RockShox Reverb Stealth 170mm


RockShox Reverb Stealth 170mm review


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The Rockshox Reverb revolutionised riding when it was first released, and since then the level of drop on offer has slowly increased up to the current maximum of 170mm, which for taller riders like me, is a very welcome addition.

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At 6ft 4in, even a 150mm-drop post forced me to compromise. I could have my saddle at the correct height for pedalling, but as soon as the trail turned steep and techy, the fully dropped saddle still got in the way. With the new 170mm drop version that should no longer be a problem.

The reason RockShox has been able to offer a post this long is because it has redesigned the internals and spaced out the bushings, with the aim of reducing play and increasing reliability. There’s still some play in the shaft, but it’s less than the 150mm Reverb I was using previously.

As ever, it’s a slight faff installing the Reverb Stealth, due to the fact that you have to disconnect the hydraulic hose to thread it through the frame. If you’re careful, you can get away without having to bleed it all afterwards, but considering how quick and easy it is with the standard kit, on balance I’d bite the bullet and give it a bleed to avoid any possible problems down the line.


Under-bar remote is a tad clunky

In terms of performance, this updated Reverb feels reassuringly familiar. However, we feel the remote could do with some development to complement the changes to the internals. The button sticks out more than necessary, so it can catch on your knee when pedalling, and also bends easily in a crash. Most significantly, however, it’s just not as ergonomic and easy to operate as the latest crop of under-bar thumb-shifter remotes.

The longer drop puts more pressure on the internals, particularly the bushings, so I am concerned about long-term reliability. So far, after several months’ use, the post has performed perfectly, but this winter will be the true test of durability — we shall wait and see how it stands up to the abuse.

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Spending nearly £400 on a seatpost (although most retailers offer it for far less) may seem a lot, but if you’re over 6ft, or have long legs, the difference it can make to your riding makes it well worth the money.


Diameters:30.9mm, 31.6mm, 34.9mm