Heavy and tall, the Nukeproof OKLO was a disappointing post

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Nukeproof Oklo Air internal


Nukeproof Oklo Air Internal seatpost review


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Since we tested it in October 2014, Nukeproof has updated the OKLO. It now gets a black anodised upper shaft, a new sealed air spring to improve reliability, and a £15 price reduction.

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The Nukeproof OKLO has 125mm of drop, but at 450mm we had an issue getting the post fully inserted in our test bike. The Nukeproof also has a tall ride height, so if you have a small frame or interrupted seat tube, you may not be able to run this post.

Nukeproof OKLO remote

For some reason, the Nukeproof OKLO has also gained 100g in weight over the previous incarnation, and at 814g it’s one of the heaviest posts. It’s cheap but the similarly priced Giant Contact Switch is nearly 200g lighter.

Fitting the Nukeproof OKLO was pretty straightforward, although we’d ditch the cheap cable for a better quality inner.

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The remote lever has tension adjustment, but it sits pretty high on the bars. An under-bar remote would be a cool upgrade if you’re running one shifter, but then there’s nothing stopping you using this post with the Specialized or X-Fusion lever.

To prevent play in the shaft, there is a triple-key system inside the post, which Nukeproof claims has a much longer service life. Play is indeed minimal, but out of the box it had a painfully slow action. It loosened up slightly during the test but it’s the slowest post to go up or down.

Nukeproof OKLO connection

It also produces quite a harsh metal-on-metal sound and would occasionally become stuck in
the dropped position, requiring quite a hard thump to get it moving again.

This is a good value option that has plenty of drop and is easy to set up. It’s a shame it’s carrying a bit of extra weight, is too tall, and sluggish on the return.


Weight:814 grams