An innovative women-specific mountain bike saddle with a flexible deck engineered to give more comfort when pedalling.

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Fizik Luna X5


  • Longer than most women's saddles
  • Two different widths


  • Wings can lead to a bouncy, choppy seated ride
  • Mesh edges get filthy quickly
  • Slippery in the wet


Fizik Luna X5 women’s saddle review


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The Fizik Luna, along with the Ergon SMC Sport Gel, are designed specifically for women mountain bikers. Most other women’s saddles, including some of the best women’s saddles, are aimed mostly at road riding and general-use.

While the Luna is a middle-of-the-road offering in terms of weight and price, it’s the longest saddle on test, some 40mm longer than the stunted Specialized Power Mimic. It also feels noticeably longer than the others when riding, but not uncomfortably so, and that extra real estate makes it easy to apply pressure to activate your dropper post. The long, slender nose – which takes up half of the total length of the saddle – gives a good level of unrestricted movement when pedaling.

Offered up in two widths, regular (141mm) and large (153mm) it is built around a carbon reinforced nylon shell. One notable design feature are its angular elastomer ‘wings’ that are designed to flex freely. The idea being that you can kiss goodbye to rubbing, although make sure you get the right width or your sit bones can end up supported by the flexible wings. There is a downside to the level of movement though; if you are hitting technical climbs on a full-suspension bike, the bike’s pedal bob can combine with the bending and rebounding of the flaps to give an overwhelmingly bouncy ride that makes maintaining a steady rhythm very difficult.

The wings are covered with a hard wearing, reinforced Microtex material with a lighter Microtex covering over the rest of the saddle. Like they do on the WTB saddle, the reinforced edges are a nice touch in terms of durability, but unlike the Koda, the mesh edging is a mud trap, and within one or two mildly damp rides dirt has become deeply embedded in the weave and is hard to remove, even with scrubbing. A lack of grip points on the main platform also makes this one of the more slippery saddles when you’re riding in the wet.


This is a comfortable saddle with no pressure points, chafing or soreness, but sadly those technical features that should set it apart, actually hold it back slightly.