A simple and lightweight storage solution as well as a decent saddle

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DMR Stage 1 Saddle


DMR Stage 1 Saddle review


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DMR’s Stage 1 saddle comes with a RideSaver strap that bolts onto the bottom of the shell and secures an inner tube. It’s not exactly revolutionary; XC racers have been strapping inner tubes beneath their saddles for years.

But the strap held an inner tube securely, and it’s always attached to your bike, so you never have to remember to take it with you.

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The Stage 1 does taper quite a bit towards the nose, and has a slightly convex profile, but the stress-relieving channel reduces pressure and improves comfort.

We’ve not had any issues with the tube contacting the frame when lowering the saddle, although you will need to put it in a sandwich bag to protect it from all the dirt thrown off the rear wheel.

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The Stage 1 is a simple and lightweight storage solution, but there’s nothing stopping you attaching a tube to your current saddle with an extra-long Velcro strap.