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Specialized Air Tool Blast Tubeless tyre setter


Specialized Air Tool Blast Tubeless tyre setter review


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Adding to the array of tubeless tyre installing gizmos is the Specialized Air Tool Blast Tubeless Tyre Seater. And it does exactly as it says on the tin.

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Pressurise the heavy-duty canister to around 120psi with a regular track pump (a high pressure, rather than high volume model helps in this respect), attach the 80cm hose to your tubeless valve and twist the large plastic dial a quarter turn to dump all the air into your tyre.

It works brilliantly, delivering a constant flow of air for long enough to give you time to massage the tyre into place and seal any leaks. Most of the time, though, the bead snaps satisfyingly into place without needing any manipulation.

Using a high pressure Joe Blow track pump, it took 68 strokes to bring the Air Tool up to 140psi. Once released, this translated into 30psi in a 2.8in WTB Ranger tyre mounted to a 30mm rim.

The snap-on, dual head chuck is compatible with both Shrader and Presta valves, and loses precious little air when you remove it, while the large base is very stable in use. Our only criticism is that it’s not rubberised, so it can slide around, or mark, wooden floors.

While not as portable as an Airshot strapped onto a track pump, most probably never leave the workshop. The Air Tool is also cheaper, is slightly less fiddly to use and is just as effective for setting up your tubeless tyres.