This is one high pressure suspension pump that's seriously impressed us with its performance, compact size and quality

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Overall rating:

Score 10

Lezyne Shock Drive


  • Looks top quality, efficient, smooth action, accurate gauge, compact size


  • Can trap fingers on handle


Lezyne Shock Drive shock pump


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Lezyne offers the Shock Drive in both digital and analogue formats, and we’ve also given the Lezyne Digital Shock Drive a full test and review. Both pumps use the same body and handle but with a different gauge: you pay £25 for the LCD screen. The performance is seriously impressive, and it tops our list of the best shock pumps on the market. 

With its Kashima-style gold coating and highly anodised finish the Shock Drive looks top quality and it’s also a joy to use. It has a super smooth action and pushes a lot of air in pretty much a one-to-one ratio – a 100 strokes got our test fork up to 90psi, 200 to 150psi which were the best figures of any shock pump on test. The dial runs all the way up to 400psi and while the gradients are tightly spaced we could still get pretty accurate readings with this pump. 

You do have to hold the dial at the front but it is rubber coated for comfort. This isn’t the case with the handle because if you hook your fingers underneath they can get trapped – it just depends on how big your fingers are. If you hold that handle to the side, it’s totally fine.

The Shock Drive has excellent hose management – the threaded adapter actually screws into the bottom of the handle, so it’s compact for carrying in a pack or pocket.



We’ve given the Shock Drive the top score in this test because it only costs £55 but feels like something more. It was easily the most efficient shock pump on test and, while the mechanical gauge isn’t quite as accurate as the digital pump, you don’t have to worry about it running out of power mid inflation and it has a bigger range being rated to 400psi.


Gauge type:Analogue