Portable shock pump for trail side fettling

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Lezyne Digital Shock Drive


  • Slim shape easily fits in a pack
  • Digital gauge ensures accuracy
  • Easy to use


  • Unusual battery
  • Price


Lezyne Digital Shock Drive pump review


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Lezyne has obviously been taking design cues from seventies F1 teams, as the Digital Shock Drive pump looks more like a suspension strut from a JPS race car than a shock pump with its eye-catching black and gold finish.

Powerful performance

Moving away from the striking looks and tactile finish, Lezyne has created a very capable little pump. The company claims it can happily pressurise shocks up to 350psi, which is impressive for such a small unit. Although I only pushed it to around 260psi it go there with the minimum of fuss. It also features a simple bleed nipple to make adjustments a simple affair.

How to set up your suspension

Easy handling

Tactile and comfortable handle also stores the air chuck to keep it clean

The pump has a shapely T-handle that feels comfortable in the hand when pumping hard. The handle also features a recess into which the hose chuck can be threaded for stowage. It also helps prevent grit from being transferred to the shock.

Digital display

Lezyne Digital Shock Drive

The Digital Shock Drive has a neat digital display incorporated into the body

As its name suggests, the Digital Shock Drive differs from Lezyne’s other shock pump by incorporating a digital gauge for accurate pressure readings. The large display not only provides pressure data but also battery life. The display can be changed from psi to Bar by tapping the power button. Speaking of which, the display is turned on and off with a two second push of the power button. Like Fox’s digital pump it features an auto power-off mode, but unlike the Fox version it stays on for a considerable time. With normal use the battery should last an age, but don’t expect your local supermarket to stock the tiny CR1220 battery if, like me, you need a replacement. The display can also be zeroed if it starts showing a positive reading, simply hold the power button for ten seconds to reset.

Common suspension mistakes

The chuck is a ‘zero-loss’ design that manages to relocate the valve pin before detaching to eliminate any air loss. It didn’t have an issue with compatibility with a wide range of forks and shocks, and combined with the flexible braided hose it was easy to use.

Lezyne Digital Shock Drive

‘Zero-loss’ air chuck. The braided hose is flexible and strong and should survive a battering in a pack

The only issue I have with the Digital Shock Drive is the price. Yes, it is very well made, pretty almost; and the compact size makes it simple to carry. But at almost seventy pounds it is a lot more than many of its rivals.



The tiny Digital Shock Drive packs a powerful punch, easily pumping to desired pressures. Its small size makes it easy to slip into a pack for trail side adjustments and the digital gauge allows for fine fettling of pressures