With the Over Drive, Lezyne has joined the tubeless-specific floor pump party

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Lezyne Digital Pressure Over Drive floor pump


Lezyne Digital Pressure Over Drive tubeless floor pump review


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With the Over Drive, Lezyne has joined the tubeless-specific floor pump party.

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It has two conjoined chambers, the first is a regular floor pump barrel used for pumping, and the second a big chamber to hold pressurised air. You can then deliver all that compressed air (up to 220psi) in one go, forcing even the most stubborn of tubeless beads to seat.

You release the air with what Lezyne calls a foot lever, but it’s a tricky flick that even Ronaldo would be pleased with — holding down the pump with one foot, while moving the stiff little lever with the other. I reckon the lever needs to be bigger, or better still, placed near the gauge at the top, so you can operate it by hand.

Speaking of the gauge, it’s big, accurate, and easy to use, but there’s no bleed valve, so you can’t tune the tyre pressure afterwards.

The Over Drive has a sleek body, long hose and a wooden handle that’s ergonomically shaped. However, the pump is quite painful to use, because the shaft bottoms out harshly as you push it to the floor — Lezyne needs to put a little spring in the bottom to cushion things; which would have the added benefit of helping the shaft to come back up again, too.

Rather than using a conventional locking lever, Lezyne’s ABS2 chuck screws onto both Presta and Schraeder valves, but after a couple of months use I couldn’t get it to form a good seal and had to hold it in place. Screwing the head on also twisted some tubeless valves out of position, messing up the seal. The ABS2 is an innovative idea, but in practice it proved fiddly.

Finally, at £20 more than the test-winning Topeak JoeBlow Booster the Over Drive is simply not as good value, either.