Solid, stable and will seat the most stubborn tubeless tyres

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Lezyne Classic Over Drive floor pump


Lezyne Classic Over Drive floor pump review


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This is an updated version of mountain bike specific Lezyne Classic Over Drive. It’s solid, stable and will easily seat the most stubborn tubeless tyres.

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It has an oversized barrel (hence the name) for inflating large volume mountain bike tyres and comes fitted with Lezyne’s latest ABS1 Pro Flip-Thread Chuck.

Over the last 11 years, Lezyne has gone through various chuck designs and having tested most of them, none have been perfect. The new chuck looks a lot like the original, which did unwind the valve core when you removed the chuck but so far that hasn’t happened to any of our tubeless valves I’ve tested it on. And if it did unwind Lezyne now includes an integrated Presta valve-core wrench on the backside of the chuck to spin it back in again.

Normally if you run tubeless I’d recommend a charger pump like the Bontrager TLR Flash Charger tubeless inflator but in some respects I think the Lezyne Over Drive is better. This is because the pump part is high volume, not high pressure like on the Bontrager, so you can shift a lot of air and quickly inflate a MTB tyre. The pressure gauge only goes up to 60 PSI so has a narrower range and is more accurate and, if like me, you’re eyesight is failing, it’s easier to read too.

Lezyne hasn’t always got things right but its pumps have they’ve always been excellent quality. The same is true of the Over Drive – it’s solid, stable and will easily seat the most stubborn tubeless tyres.