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Airwave AirBlast Tubeless floor pump


Airwave AirBlast Tubeless floor pump review


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The AirBlast from Airwave is another entrant into the ever-growing market for tubeless-specific pumps.

It’s a conventional floor pump with an extra chamber on the side. This can be charged up to 240 psi, then released via the small lever on the pump head, sending all that air rushing into the tyre to hopefully seal the tyre and seat the bead.

The pump is made of sturdy aluminium and has an oval profile aluminium handle, which is comfy enough to hold but can be a bit cold to touch on chilly days. A decent length hose has a metal head at the end of it, which can switch between Presta and Schrader valves via a simple screw-in swappable block.

A gauge sits on top of the barrel and has easy to read numbers. But the scale is too small, making it difficult to be accurate with your tyre pressure in the 20-30psi zone.

The pump feels good to use with a smooth stroke, but the main barrel doesn’t have a huge volume, so it takes a while to pump your tyres up. On the other hand, the tubeless charger works well, and seated my 27.5×2.4in tyres first time, every time. There’s also enough volume in the charge chamber to seat troublesome Plus tyres.

At £70, the AirBlast is well-priced and feels robust and decent quality — it’s showing no signs of wear after several months of use.

The tubeless seating element has been reliable too and, compared to other pumps we’ve tested, it represents good value for money. The only downside is the crowded dial, which means you’ll need a separate gauge in order to accurately set your tyre pressure.