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TSG 2nd Skin A 2.0 knee sleeve


TSG 2nd Skin A 2.0 knee sleeve review


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The updated TSG 2nd Skin A 2.0 knee sleeves for this year have a new Arti-Lage (artificial cartilage)  foam pad and pierce-proof insert.

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Artificial cartilage foam, is a smart material that in its inert state is soft and malleable, so moulds easily to the shape of your knee, but once you hit it against something, such as a rock or the ground, it stiffens to help dissipate the impact force.

It’s similar to D3O but the difference is washing won’t harm it and it also won’t break down like normal foam after repeated impacts.

TSG uses Lycra for the main body but with a stretch Kevlar penal over the knee for extra abrasion resistance and mesh strip at the back to enhance breathability and reduce chafing.

Silicone gripper is featured top and bottom but it’s a little harsh on the thigh – wearing the 2nd Skin for a day usually left a red mark.

The padding on the 2nd Skin doesn’t extend as far laterally but the fit is way better round the knee and there’s no bunching. A ridge inside the upper edge stops the pad slipping down and to improve the fit the 2nd Skin is also left and right specific –remember the logo goes on the outside.

Having just tested over a dozen pads, this is one of the best fitting ones I’ve ridden. I’ve also crashed a few times on it and I couldn’t feel anything so the smart foam was obviously doing its job. For trail riding, the 2nd Skin offers is a very good kneepad but it doesn’t get a perfect score because of the high price, harsh gripper and limited sizing.


Sizes:S/M, L/XL, XL