Product Overview


Truvativ Box Guide £49.99

Upper plate 5mm 7075 T6 aluminium / cromo lower plate / ISCG and bottom bracket mount versions available / sealed bearing roller guide / weight: 348g / Contact:

If you’ve ever fitted a chain device you’ll know that it’s a complete nightmare. International Standard Chain Guide (ISCG) mounts have made things somewhat easier but it is still a minefield of compatibility problems — not least because there are now two version of ISCG — pre or post 2005 (which is when the standard changed).
The two-piece design of the Truvativ Box Guide makes life a little easier, especially on bikes with dropped chainstays as you can set the chain guide and roller independently. A recessed edge on the outer surface of the top guide mirrors the inner slot, making it easy to get the correct tilt and height to avoid the chain rubbing on the guide. Just don’t be tempted to disassemble it as the screws are self-tapping and don’t really do up properly again. Truvativ has changed the design of the roller slightly and it is no longer floating. Instead you now line it up with the chain ring and lock it in place.
Truvativ’s Box Guide is easy to set up, silent running, effective and affordable. Yes, it is 150g heavier than an e.thirteen lightweight guide but it’s less than half the price.

MBR rating: 10/10