Product Overview


Token Pyrotec Seatpost £29.99

Weight: 267g / Sizes: 27.2, 31.6mm / Lengths: 250, 300, 350mm
Contact: Jim Walker 08707 528777

This came too late for last month’s carbon seatpost test, which is a shame because as far as we’re aware it’s the cheapest carbon-fibre post on the market. It’s not light, nor available in many sizes, but there are three lengths available. The head and rail clamps are cast and feature indents for preset saddle tilt. A small clamp is also bolted to the shaft, which can position directly on top of the collar so when you remove your seatpost (say when transporting your bike) you can refit it again to the exact height or it can act as a stop when lowering your saddle for a steep descent.
The Token has a crude riveted-on head and isn’t that light but if you want the carbon effect it’s the cheapest way to get it.