Product Overview


Smart 10W HID Alloy £299.99

10W HID Bulb / 2400mAh battery / Oversize bar compatible / Wireless design /Weight: 416g
Contact: Fisher Outdoor 01727 798345

Despite using the pretty much ubiquitous Welch Alleyn Solarc ‘bulb’, Smart’s Alloy headlight has plenty to set it apart from the masses. Similar to Hope’s Vision HID system, the idea behind the Smart light is to do away with extraneous wires that have a nasty habit of catching on overhanging trees, plunging you into darkness mid-trail.
Encasing the battery in the unit does have its drawbacks. The overall length of the light means you can catch your knees when riding out of the saddle, especially if your top tube is on the short side. Also, while compatible with oversize bars, it’s worth noting that the clamp has no lateral adjustment. If your bars sweep straight from the stem, this can cause major issues as the light points off-centre. It comes with a carry case and the charger is among the easiest we have ever used. The unit gets quite warm, suffers from dark rings around a very bright central spot, but trail lighting does not get much better than an HID light.