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Shimano STEPS E6000 Switch


Shimano STEPS E6000 Switch review


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While it was Bosch that dominated the market early on, in the last couple of years Shimano’s STEPS motor has found its way on to many of the best e-bikes. It’s a fantastic system – light, compact and super natural in response. But the Di2 power switch usually fitted is expensive, less than intuitive to use and means you have to compromise on the position of your dorpper post remote. However, there is a solution and it’s pleasingly affordable. The basic E6000 switch plugs straight into the control display, takes up barely any room on the bars and lets you run an underbar dropper remote without losing the ability to quickly change power modes.

Super slim and refreshingly simple, the E6000 unit can sit happily between your grip and your dropper remote without impeding access to either.

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If you’ve got an e-bike equipped with Shimano STEPS, chances are you’ll a) have been confused on at least one occasion by the Di2 shifter when changing between power modes, and b) found it really hard to get a good position for your dropper post remote. Well, help is quite literally at hand with the basic E6000 controller unit.

You can pair it with an under-bar dropper remote too, and yet still easily switch between power modes using the two grey buttons.

Being so small and neat, it’s less prone to damage in a crash, and the black button at the top lets you scroll through information on the display without taking your hands off the bars.

Installation is child’s play – just clamp the switch to the bars and plug the connector into the display unit.

The STEPS E6000 switch may be designed for city bikes, but it’s the best way to ergonomically declutter the cockpit of a modern e-mtb that we’ve come across. Why brands don’t fit them as standard to their e-bikes we don’t know.