Product Overview


Shimano SM RTAD10 adapter £14.95

If you’ve got Centre Lock Shimano hubs but want to run International Standard six-bolt rotors, then the Shimano RTAD10 adapter could be the answer to your prayers. All you do is line up the holes in the rotor with the tabs on the adapter, slip the serrated washer over the tabs, then pop the circlip on. Your IS rotor is now fully Centre Lock compatible. The best thing about the Shimano adapter is that everything is held in place with the circlip, making the modified rotor a cinch to install or remove. The weight of the adapter excluding lock-ring is 41g, and combined with a 160mm Hayes rotor it was actually lighter than a Shimano LX Centre Lock rotor, and only 30g heavier than XTR. It’s cheaper than replacing your rotors, but only just, as you can buy 160mm Centre Lock XT rotors for £19.95 a pop.