Product Overview


Shimano M970 XTR £79.99

Weight: 330g / Replacement cleats £9.99 /

There is no denying that the quality ’snap’ as you clip into the XTRs could be worth the extra money alone, never mind the lighter weight and Fluorine-coated mechanism that is beautifully easy to get in and out of.
Despite their low profile, the hollow cromoly axle seems to keep everything stiff and in check, not giving too much flex even under serious steam. The bearings are, of course, beyond question in terms of durability — this is one pedal that we know goes the distance.

There are lighter pedals out there for the money, and others that come close to the performance for a lot less, but if you want the ultimate racing and hacking pedal, you don’t need to look any further.

Mbr rating:10