Five degrees upsweep, seven degrees backsweep, 780mm wide

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Ride Alpha 30mm Riser Bar


Ride Alpha 30mm Riser Bar review


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Ride Alpha is Commençal’s in-house component brand that includes this 30mm riser bar.

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For £42 you get a 780mm width, with laser engraved cut marks at the ends so you can tailor the bar to suit. There are also some helpful laser engravings around the stem area to get your bar centred and angled right, and they continue onto the brake and shifter clamp area so you can get them matched up to one another too.

My only gripe is that sliding the controls on and off has started to mark the black anodised finish.

With five degrees of upsweep and seven degrees of backsweep, the shape is almost identical to a Renthal Carbon FatBar with 30mm rise, arcing rearwards slightly at the ends to bring your arms back, while keeping that wide stance. It’s not harsh and overall feels solid and reliable.

Even though it’s formed from triple-butted aluminium, it is fairly heavy, although I reckon the weight is just about acceptable for a bar at this price.


Rises:20, 30, 38mm