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Renthal 1XR


Renthal 1XR chainring review

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The difference between Renthal’s new 1XR chainring and most other narrow/wide rings on the market is that it has a tooth profile that is designed to shed mud. This dramatically reduces wear on the teeth, and since it’s this that diminishes chain retention, the theory is you’re less likely to drop the chain.

Like previous Renthal rings, the 1XR is made from aluminium and with a hard-anodised surface treatment. It features an alternating 1.8/3.5mm tooth thickness with the frontal profile of the thicker teeth, where they contact the inner link plates, reduced to aid mud clearance. Additional Mud Grooves, which look a little like half moons, are cut into the bottom of the teeth, again to help channel away grime from the chain contact area.

Currently Renthal 1XR rings are only available in a standard 104mm BCD but there will be XTR M9000, SRAM 94mm and direct-mount for both SRAM and Race Face cranks available at some point. Four sizes are currently offered but the smallest is a 32t, although Renthal did say a 30t is planned.

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After a few weeks riding the 1XR ring, the first thing I noticed was quite a bit of grime had built up on the ring just below the teeth, which didn’t look pretty but it did illustrate the effectiveness of the mud shedding technology. As a result, wear, or the lack of it, has been impressive — the ring shown is the one off my bike and you can see for yourself it’s almost like new. And during those five to six months use, have I lost the chain? Not once.

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Renthal took its time developing a narrow/wide ring, but its measured approach seems to have paid off — the 1XR is stiff, precise and works flawlessly. It’s also great value, so has to be the number one choice if you live anywhere that regularly experiences wet and muddy conditions.


Weight:43 grams
Sizes:32,34,26 and 38t