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How to convert your bike to a single ring (VIDEO)
Check your chain length under full compression

Check your chain length under full compression

If you only ever ride in the middle ring or you’re willing to sacrifice the extreme ends of your gear range in exchange for a quieter, lighter bike that’s less likely to drop its chain, a single ring upfront is a top idea. With the current 10-speed mechs from drivetrain giants Shimano and SRAM now available with clutch mechanisms, you can benefit from increased chain retention, and the extra gear over older 9-speed versions will be very welcome. A 1×9 drivetrain is still a great option, but you’ll need a full chain device (which can increase drag) to get the same level of chain retention, and you won’t benefit from the 36-tooth sprocket on steep climbs.

To make the 1×10 conversion you’ll need a dedicated single speed chain ring — this doesn’t have shifting pins or ramps, and the teeth aren’t cutaway like on a normal middle ring designed for use with a front mech. You’ll also need a chain device of some sort, such as the simple guide shown here (M:Part XC Chain Device, £29.99, and, depending on the thickness of your chain ring and whether or not you run a bash ring, shorter chainring bolts.