Compliance and comfort levels are amongst the best — there’s zero twang or tiring vibrations on rough descents

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Nukeproof Warhead Carbon Riser Bars


Nukeproof Warhead Carbon Riser Bars review


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Part of a new Nukeproof component line-up, the Warhead carbon handlebar claims to be one of the strongest on the market.

The bar uses common six-degree up and nine-degree backsweep geometry, meaning it’s just a little curvier than the Renthal FatBar or Race Face SIXC.

At 247gm, the weight is competitive, although the manufacturing processes means it’s around 20g heavier than some similar all-mountain bars.

The construction uses a typical UD carbon weave, but with shaped layers of glass fibre in specific areas. This material tunes the damping characteristic and also ensures the handlebar can withstand bigger loads.

Nukeproof claims the carbon Warhead is strong enough to withstand double the force of its alloy bar, and offers a lifetime failure warranty to back this up.

In terms of stiffness and ride feel, the Warhead bar is totally on the money. Steering control feels rock-solid and precise, even when being twisted by the extra leverage of a stubby 35mm stem.

The compliance and comfort levels are amongst the best I’ve tried — there’s zero twang or tiring vibrations on rough descents.

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A fuller 800mm width might suit more riders, as it offers options to cut down, and my personal preference is for slightly less backsweep, but if the numbers suit you, this bar is highly recommended — especially considering it’s around 20 per cent cheaper than most of the competition.


Geometry:6° up, 9° back