Product Overview


Mace NOS £39.99

Matt black, grey or wheat/Two sizes/Weight: 277g

A positive click on the retention system lock wheel reduces the chance of knocking the helmet out of adjustment. It is a good thing, as the rest of the strap fittings are no better than the £25 helmets: a single rear fixing point, with no ‘through the retention’ guides to add stability. Y-anchors have small twist lock adjusters that are very standard, and a little lacking at this upper price point.
Internally there is very little channelling. Laterally located pads interrupt any through flow there is. The top of the helmet incorporates a plethora of holes so heat can rise away from the head, but the rear of the lid has tiny holes internally and feels warm.
Stylistically it’s good, but functionally it’s a little lacking and plenty of exposed foam make it susceptible to knocks.