Product Overview


Lezyne Alloy Drive S £18.99

Weight: 114g / 100 strokes: 22psi / Length: 185mm / All alloy construction / Presta-Schraeder compatible with no dismantling / Hose fit / Contact:

Even a quick look over the Lezyne revealed it to be a beautiful piece of CNC engineering with rock solid moving parts and an all-alloy construction. A superbly clever if old-school design gives the job of valve type selection to a dual-ended hose — simply remove the hose from its storage area in the handle, screw the end in that suits your valve type, and off you go. Simple, effective, and very easy on the valve stem.

Everything is rubber bung fitted to keep the water and grit out until wielded in anger, and when it is, it’s incredibly light and smooth to pump with an impressive speed of inflation.
Not cheap, but then it really should last a lifetime with the all CNC alloy construction and superb finish. Good job too — that compact size and light action means you will probably have it around for a while. One thing to watch: we nearly lost the small O-rings off the ends of the hose, so be careful when replacing them in the pump body.

Mbr rating:9