Product Overview


Kore Elite I-Beam £44.99

Weight: 182g/Sizes: 27.2, 31.6mm/Lengths: 300 and 400mm/20mm layback
Contact: Bob Elliot 01942 826647

What makes this the lightest seatpost on test is the I-Beam design. It uses a dedicated clamp, which will only work with a matching I-Beam saddle from either Kore or SDG, but the resulting combo is one of the lightest around.
Two 4mm Allen bolts secure the saddle against the head of the post and it has a good range of tilt adjustment, as well as 20mm of layback. There are no height adjustments on the shaft and it looks like an off-the-shelf tube, but for this money beggars can’t be choosers. Going I-Beam means a new saddle, so from a value for money point of view it’s not great, but if you buy into the system it’s definitely light.