Product Overview


Intense System 4 £26.95

Weight: 778g / Size: 2.25in / 72tpi / C3 compound

Intense tyres is a completely seperate company to Intense bikes but while the name evokes a certain kudos and quality it also means the likes of Specialized, Trek, Scott etc are never going to fit Intense tyres OE. This is a shame because the System 4 is a good quality,
large volume trail tyre. It features a square pattern with a low profile set of edge knobs. It won’t dissipate valuable energy by being too draggy on the flat, climbs well and feels secure on loose, wet rocks; where even the mud doesn’t seem to phase it. Intense opts for a 72tpi double-ply casing that feels firm and offers good puncture protection. This tyre weighs more than claimed, and does come up the full 2.25in, but it’s reasonably priced, and is an ideal tyre for harder trail riding and the odd visit to an uplift.