Product Overview


Giro Skyla £29.99

Weight: 254g / Colours: black-gold, white-pink flowers, white-sky flowers, pewter-teal flowers, steel blue-white flowers / Sizes: Universal / Crash replacement £14 / Contact:

One of an increasing number of ‘women-specific’ helmets, the Skyla gives a nod to the fairer sex by having some cool understated graphics and a huge range of colour combinations. The universal sizing is restricted to 50-57cm, the thinking being women generally have smaller heads. Venting is middle-of-the-road, with plenty of apertures on the front (some mesh covered to stop insects) but let down by the channelling once it was there. Styling is sleek however, and the Giro AcuDial push-to-release wheel band adjustment was quick and easy to use on the move. The Tri-Lock strap adjusters were solid as a rock once locked down. At this price the Skyla is definitely worth a look.

mbr rating:8