Product Overview


Fuse Gasket knee pads £39.99

Sizes: small, medium, large, extra large / Colours: black only
Contact: www.

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A hard plastic cap inside these pads is designed to cushion against strong impacts and, while there’s some reluctance on our part to put that fully to the test, the major problem we have with the Gaskets is they tend to slip down when riding and this moves the cap away from the area it’s supposed to be protecting. We think some sort of doughnut shape (which we’ve seen recently on a set of Scott pads) or similar would hold the pad in place more effectively. Battening things down with the Velcro straps — which feature Wethepeople’s double secure fastening — helps, but it makes the pads restrictive.
Price-wise, Gaskets are comparable to 661 Kyle Strait and Troy Lee T-Bones knee-pads but come in a greater range of sizes. Build quality is also as good, with a 2.5mm thick Neoprene outer, an air-plush fleece inner, and a hard-wearing Cordura on the impact area.
Gaskets are no substitute for proper armour if you’re planning a trip to Whistler or the Alps but for technical trail riding they offer good scuff protection and are light to pack.