Product Overview


Fox F100 RLC £509

Weight: 1,579g (3.84lb) / Axle to crown: 472mm / Low-speed compression adjustment / Lockout force adjustment / Rebound adjustment / V-brake version available / Contact: Mojo 01633 615815 [left-hand pic]

To save the half-pound Fox hasn’t done anything revolutionary, it’s just nicked bits of material where it could from the F100 chassis. You can’t see them here but internally there are thinner walled and shorter stanchions, a shorter air piston, and a shorter damper. The forged crown is also lighter and if you look close where the uppers are bonded into the crown you can see the front section has been scalloped on either side. All the webbing on the back of the brace has been pared away and the tapers/spines on the front of the brace and on the dropouts are also shorter. The lowers are quad-tapered and the post mount is a couple of grams lighter than the old IS mount; the fork also comes with a lightweight aluminium steerer tube.

RLC means this fork has an additional low-speed compression ring and lockout force adjustment alongside the standard rebound adjuster. We used the low-speed primarily to stop brake dive when descending long steeper trails, but we know some riders also use it as a climbing aid. The lockout is force sensitive depending on where you set the dial, so in the lightest setting it will breakaway easily, but fully on it behaves like a conventional lockout. All Fox forks are fitted with a new lockout lever with the rebound knob recessed in the top, so that when it’s activated it doesn’t pull the knob round with it. The 2008 forks are also fitted with a new hose anchor, which is much easier to use than the older T-washer system. A star-fangled nut and shock pump are included in the box so you can get up and running with the minimum of fuss — other manufacturers please take note.

After only a couple of rides the F100 developed a bit of a rattle, which we’ve had with a few Fox lockout forks recently. It’s only really noticeable when climbing and doesn’t affect the function or performance of the fork, but it is annoying none the less. Compared to the SID the F100 is more progressive and controlled, and didn’t feel like you’re propped up by the spring. And because it isn’t being pinged around it actually tracks better. Whether it’s stiffer is debateable, but this feels the least racy among the high-end suspension forks. In this respect it’d be the perfect fork for a short-travel trail bike or even a titanium hardtail. The reason it gets a 9 is the price and Fox having such a good product in the Float R.

Mbr rating:9