Product Overview


DMR LongHaul £31.95

Leather-Kevlar upper / 8mm cro mo rails / Weight 292g / Colours: red-black, black
Contact: Upgrade 01403 711611,

Nose to tail the DMR LongHaul is pretty much the same length as any other saddle; it is the rails that are longer, offering between 10-15mm more fore-aft adjustment. And while this extra range of adjustment could cause the rails to bend more easily at either extreme, so far we’ve experienced no problems. More importantly, the upper is comfortable and comes with all the usual performance-enhancing grip panels and scuff protection. The dual-density foam offers sufficient padding that’s supportive, but it is not as light as DMR claims — our sample saddle was almost 50g heavier than stated on the website. However, comfortable, strong and affordable.