Product Overview


Deuter DS Bike 18 £84.99

Weight: 980g (with Deuter 3L Streamer reservoir) / Reservoir not included / 18L waterproof cargo capacity / Colours: black-granite / Contact: Jim Walker 08707 528777 [right-hand pic]

The first thing we noticed about this Deuter was the clean lines and lack of paraphernalia on the outside. The reason is obvious: the DS18 is waterproof. Sealed seams, waterproof zips and all, so any additional stitching on the outside would add potential leak points.

The down side to a waterproof pack is the lack of some home comforts. No compression straps combined with the relatively stiff waterproof fabric mean that unless you fill the pack to capacity you have a lot of bulky fabric and contents out there doing its own thing — all very untidy and unstable.

If you think you will always fill it, and can live with the price, it’s worth a look.

Mbr rating:7