Product Overview


Dainese 3X elbow guards £34.99

Three-section elbow guard, R and L-specific/Three-strap system/Vented polypropylene outer shell/Perforated polyethylene inner padding/Sizes: M or L
Weight: 376g (large)

For 2007 Dainese has revamped its elbow guards. The new 3X elbow pads now have three straps and sport a third section that extends above the elbow, increasing protection while helping to stabilise the pads. They are slim enough to wear under a regular riding jersey. First ride out with these pads we had a crash. We ripped our jersey but didn’t realise until after the ride, so the pads definitely did a good job, as we didn’t even notice the impact. Our only complaint with the 3X elbow guards is that the wrist strap on the large test sample was too long and we struggled to get it tight enough, so the medium size is probably a better option unless you are Popeye.