Product Overview


Cyclaire Rapid £21.99

Weight: 310g / 100 strokes: 7psi / Dimensions: 160x70x50mm / Presta-Schraeder compatible by dismantling / Pull-cord action / Gauge / Contact:

The theory of the Cyclaire is good — use it standing up straight, pulling against a pump under your foot. No sore back, no bending down, no arm pump. Good so far? Despite all the outstanding claims on the website, we just couldn’t get on with it.

The 100-stroke test result was very poor, and taking it on to a reasonable inflation was a bicep murdering exercise compared to any of the other pumps available. Even taking it to the 7psi was very hard work, and that was in a warm and dry garage — trying to hold your foot on it in a wet and muddy field would have been an exercise in driving it into soft ground. It’s also pretty heavy and, in our opinion, has a more cumbersome shape to fit into your pack.
Nice to see a stab at something different, but we found ourself ditching it for a mini-pump — any mini-pump — when a tyre actually needed inflating.

Mbr rating:4