Product Overview


Crank Brothers Smarty

Weight: 340g complete / Replacement cleats: £12.99
Contact: 2 Pure 0131 448 2884

The Smarty has a small composite platform within which the All Access retention system rotates. Twin, sprung-steel hoops form the rotating four-sided guts, while interchangeable coloured caps complete the kit.
First-time riders say they like the soft-edged feel to the retention system. With four possible entry points, it is always very fast. Despite being very easy to get into, when pulling on the pedals the retention bars have a scissor-like action that actually increases the grip on the cleat. You need a definite twisting motion to release. The edge of the 15 or 20 degrees of float is less pronounced than any other design, but simply takes getting used to and release is never an issue. A harder-wearing cleat is available for £17.99 and well worth the cash when it comes to replacement. Only the lack of serviceability lets the Smarty down. For serious users, the rebuildable Candy range is a better idea (starting at £44.95).