Product Overview


Crank BROTHERS Power Pump Pro £21.99

Weight: 138g / 100 strokes: 12.2psi / Length: 175mm / Alloy barrel / Lifetime warranty / Gauge / Presta-Schraeder compatible with no dismantling / Geared inflation via turn switch / Contact:

With a ‘geared’ switch for inflation, the Power Pump Pro uses dual pistons to set either high volume, low pressure pumping; or high pressure, low volume pumping. This allows a maximum pressure of 100psi — impressive for a tiny mini-pump of only 175mm long — which would even make it useful on the road.

In practice it took a predictably long time to pump up an mtb tyre from flat, but with the size you can’t really complain. The gearing system took the strain higher up the pressure gauge — we found ourselves reaching for it at about 25-30psi and it really took pressure off the arms.
The twist-lock dual head meant that switching between valve types was easy, although when locking you have to be careful not to bend the valve stem. The small size meant it fitted in even the smallest pocket on hydration packs. A great choice if you are happy sacrificing some speed for a really compact pump size.

Mbr rating:8