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Chromag Basis


Chromag Basis mountain bike grip review


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Chromag’s Basis lock-on grip is made using a specially formulated compound that combines a soft 25a durometer rubber and a proprietary additive, resulting in a grip that is tacky but durable.

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According to my durometer, the grip is slightly harder at 30a, but it’s way softer than a lot of grips I’ve tested. It’s also super-slim, tapering down to just over 29mm in the centre.

The slightly dimpled pattern has been less prone to surface wear, and there’s nothing to cause irritation when riding without gloves. The softer grip also seems to absorb sweat better than most, which can be a problem if you ride gloveless.

Chromag has also nailed the details — the Split-Teardrop collars are left and right-specific and cover the end of the bars while still providing secure clamping. This may seem irrelevant, but it means all the bolts line up on the same side, making tightening less of a chore.

The Chromag Basis has suddenly become my favourite grip: lightweight, secure and durable with excellent performance and feel.

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Weight:58 grams
Colours:black, red, grey, yellow