Product Overview


Blackburn Mountain Air £9.99

Weight: 160g / 100 strokes: 23.5psi / Length: 280mm / Alloy barrel / Lifetime warranty / Presta-Schraeder compatible by dismantling / Contact:

With no bells or whistles, the Blackburn may lose out to some of the more highly-specced pumps on test when it comes to catching your eye on the shelf, but don’t overlook it just because it doesn’t have a gauge or fancy finish. From experience we know the tough aluminium barrel lasts, and while others have gone smaller, the Mountain Air has kept a volume shifting 30mm barrel for fast inflation. This also gives a chunky handle to push on, so it’s a pleasure to use with plenty to grip, and the bonus of a long thumb lock for easy gripping in the cold. All this for the bargain price of a tenner, with a lifetime warranty! Its only slight drawback is the size, but if the puncture fairy visits regularly you could do a lot worse than making space for a Mountain Air in your trail pack.

Mbr rating:9