The Azonic Logo has some great attentions to detail and is just a few tweaks away from perfection

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Azonic Logo


Azonic Logo grip review


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It may only be a small thing, but the Azonic Logo grip comes with specific left and right-hand collars, so all the fixing bolts face one way — which means they’re easier to access if you need to make adjustments.

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The collars also have rounded edges, which are more comfortable if you ride with your hands further out, and also we noticed they are less prone to scuffing.

The grip surface felt tacky from the get-go, and the chevron pattern has a slight ridged surface, which helped dissipate sweat. The Logo’s rubber is pretty thick too, which adds comfort, albeit at the expense of a certain amount of feel.

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Overall, the Azonic Logo is absolutely great value, if it was a tad longer, thinner and had a closed end, we think it’d be perfect.

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Weight:107 grams