Product Overview


10th Anniversary ODI Ruffians £15.99

Weight: 114g / Colour: gold / Rogue and Cross Trainer in black and brown /
Refills £12 / Bolt pack £3.50 / Clamps with bolts £11
Contact: Ison 01223 213800

Ten years of the best grip on the market — has it gone that fast? To celebrate, ODI has launched a limited edition run of gold Ruffians. In the standard Bonus Pack you get four aluminium clamps, four 2.5mm bolts, two refills and the new plastic end-caps that clip neatly into the clamps.
Over the years, Ruffians have graced more of our bikes than we care to remember, but we use them because they’re slim, have a subtle diamond-file pattern that feels good gloved or bare-handed, and once in place they don’t move. The clamps can get scuffed up a bit and the thin rubber on the grip can wear out quickly, but spares are available for both. Whether spares are worth it, though, is another matter since new grips only cost £4 more.