An incredible flat pedal — tons of grip and well balanced

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Superstar Nano-x Flat pedals


Superstar Nano-x Flat pedals review


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The Superstar Nano Tech pedal was one of our favourites, but you can’t buy it anymore. Fortunately, the replacement Nano-x actually feels better and costs even less.

The Nano-x is larger than the original — 5mm wider and 10mm longer — but still keeps the same, shallow 17mm profile. This gives your foot complete support across its width, while not being so long or wide as to catch on rocks while pedalling.

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Superstar has kept the same concave shape from the old Nano, and it cradles your foot, letting you press into the pedal, rather than just resting it on top.

The grip is absolutely ferocious and, dare I say it, you’re almost too well attached with all the pins fitted. I’m not complaining, though, because you can always fine-tune it to your preference by fitting fewer pins, or the shorter 8mm pins that are also included.

In the end, I set my test pedals up with long 10mm pins at the front and short 8mm pins down the sides. So grippy are they that you don’t actually need to wear a pair of Five Tens to get sufficient grip.

For £40 you get standard steel axles, and a fairly hefty weight, but you can upgrade to titanium axles for an extra £39.99, which saves a decent 70g.

The Nano-x is a touch weighty, but for £40 it’s an incredible flat pedal — tons of grip, well balanced and, British too.