Superstar is synonymous with great value pedals, and the low-profile Delta is a worthy addition to its range

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Score 9


  • Good value for money
  • New, reduced-height platform


  • Just lacking a little bit of comfort and 'feel'


Superstar Delta Flat Pedal Review


Price as reviewed:


We’re huge fans of Superstar’s Nano Tech pedal, so the Delta has a lot to live up to. This new platform is a thinner, lighter design, and although it’s unique to Superstar, it’s only £18 more expensive than the bargain Nano Tech.

The aerospace-grade aluminium platform has bottom-loading steel pins for easy damage replacement, and a medium-sized 96mm wide/106mm long platform. The slimline body is noticeably thinner than most here even with its full-width steel axle, which spins on three small tritium-sealed bearings and a sintered split bushing in each pedal. You can replace the steel axle with a £20 more expensive titanium version for a significant 60g weight saving.

At the crank edge of the Delta, a small lump on the inboard bearing housing had us worried that we’d be able to feel it in the sole/ball of the foot area. This issue has been a huge deal breaker before in slim pedals with similar design principles, but, thankfully, nobody found any problems out on the trail.

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Grip and security are plentiful, although there’s the slight sense that feet aren’t quite as planted and comfy as on those benchmark Nano Techs. The reduced height, clearance and stability are noticeable though, and the newer pedal is less likely to flip over than the old one.


Pins (per side):10