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Shimano XT M8020 Trail


Shimano XT M8020 Trail pedal review


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Barring some small cosmetic differences, the Shimano XT M8020 Trail pedal has changed very little since it was first introduced.

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Rather than having a proper platform, the XT Trail has protrusions at each end that do more to protect the mechanism than actually support the foot. In comparison to the cageless XT pedal the Trail has greater real estate either side of the mechanism to provide better lateral support.

In fact we would recommend the XT Trail if you happen to ride rock-strewn trails every day.

Being Shimano, the clip mechanism utilises the fixed front, sprung rear jaw approach to cleat retention. Release tension is adjustable and easily accessible using a 3mm hex key. It is also indexed enabling you to accomplish even and reliable release no matter which side you use. Shimano’s steel cleat wears exceptionally well and provides a comfortable amount of float without feeling too vague. Engagement is accompanied with a crisp, precise snap.


Platform:91 x 68mm