The price is right when it comes to Shimano's Saint flat pedal

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Score 6


  • Really competitive price
  • Quality, durable manufacture


  • Platform shape doesn't create great feel
  • Weight on the high side


Shimano Saint PD-MX80 Flat Pedal Review


Price as reviewed:


This Saint pedal is part of the third generation of Shimano’s highest quality gravity-orientated groupset. Slimmer and wider than the older DX model, the new Saint flat uses a set of 12 loose 3/32in ball bearings at each end, inside a Lock bolt sleeve wrapped round a tapered steel spindle. The heat-treated axle will be familiar to Shimano pedal users, and we found bearing seals here to be just as reliable and maintenance free as on SPDs.

Despite a larger-sized platform than its predecessor, the part that the shoe rests on is still quite small and deeply dished from the outside in, which wasn’t to everyone’s taste. For maximum bite, you’ll need to remove the small washers from underneath the bottom loading pins too (a faff which takes around 20 minutes) as the pedal isn’t grippy enough with the shorter stud length.

The outer edge of the Saint platform sits slightly proud of the inboard side, and this, together with the raised inner axle bearing housing, makes the pedal feel a tad lumpy — even wearing Shimano’s matching AM41 flat pedal shoes. The price is great, but the pedal is too heavy for all-day pedalling and has a wide Q-factor, which isn’t the most efficient. Shimano needs to nail the feel of the platform to create a real winner.


Pins (per side):9