The baby of Nukeproof's clipless pedal range.

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Nukeproof Horizon CS CrMo Trail


  • Durable construction
  • Ease of clipping in/out


  • Smaller Trail platform gives less foot support


Nukeproof Horizon CS CrMo Trail pedal review


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As the name implies, the Nukeproof Horizon CS Trail is aimed at XC and trail riders wanting a bit more support than a regular XC style SPD pedal.

Nukeproof Horizon CS Trail

Nukeproof started the Horizon family of pedals back in 2015 and today it now includes several flat and clipless versions. All of which share a similar, recognisable profile. The Horizon CS CrMo Trail is the smaller of the two clipless pedals (the larger being the CL DH version).

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The CS Trail also keeps the machined/anodized, two-tone finish of the flat variants. Now available in four colours, it’s fair to say the CS Trail is a good looking pedal.

The body also incorporates Nukeproof’s own double-sided clipless mechanism. This sits a little proud of the main body, enabling relatively simple engagement and release without needing to faff about with cleat spacers.

Tension is independently adjustable for each side; the brass spring ensures minimal corrosion or changes to tension over time.

Nukeproof Horizon cs crMo Trail

Independent brass springs create the adjustable tension for either side.

With such a small body there is only enough room for two pins at each end. These provide a little grip when resting unclipped on the pedal or when using your feet to stabilise yourself on more technical trails. Reverse threaded, with a hex head, they feature a small washer that can be removed to make them taller if more grip is needed.

Perfect performance

The CS Trail cannot be faulted from a performance perspective. This type of pedal can feel a little compromised by the exterior body when engaging or releasing your foot. But locating the mechanism on the CS Trail was one the easiest experienced with this type of pedal and engagement giving a nice positive click.

Nukeproof Horizon CS CrMo Trail

Two pins at each end offer grip when not clipped in

The cleats supplied offer 4 degrees of float (movement of the foot allowed when clipped in), for those that prefer a little more movement Nukeproof sell an 8 degree cleat. Though we find four degrees to be about perfect for allowing a bit of foot movement when moving around the bike without the fear of an accidental unclip.

Different shoes actually made a difference to how much movement is felt, mainly dependent on the sole style. XC style shoes offer less interaction with the cage so give the most freedom, whereas flat style shoes such as the excellent Giro Chamber tend to grip the pins a little more.

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Minimising the scruff

Equally impressive is the durability. After several months of smashing them into rocks and roots they are still spinning smoothly with all features intact. The machined areas minimise the typical scruffy appearance that most pedals assume after use and all pins and mechanisms are working perfectly.

Machined and polished areas minimise a scruffy appearance

The main issue with the CS Trail is the same as with most ‘trail’ pedals. The platform doesn’t quite offer enough extra support for either side of your feet, unlike the larger platformed versions such as the Horizon CL DH version. It does still offer a better platform than most regular SPD or trail SPDs for those tricky moments when you don’t want to be clipped in.


Nukeproof's Horizon CS CrMo Trail is one of the best small platform trail pedals on the market. It offers a little more support than most of its competitors and the ease by which you can locate, engage and release the clips mechanism is second to none. Durability and bearing life is also very impressive.


Colours:Black, Blue, Red, Copper