The only reason we can see to buy the T1 over XT is for the colours, of which there are seven.

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HT T1 clipless pedals


HT T1 clipless pedals


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Like the Shimano XT pedal, HT’s T1 pedal has extensions rather than a cage. At 90 x 60mm, this aluminium platform is the smallest on test, but it has two adjustable pins at the leading edge. Unfortunately these grub screws didn’t touch the sole of our Shimano M5 test shoes, even backed all the way out.

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The big gap front and rear allows the shoe to float slightly when pedalling, or moving around on the bike, and does make it easier to clip in and out. However, the T1 doesn’t feel that stable or supportive.

Like the X2, the cleat mechanism mixes design elements taken from Shimano and Crank Bros, but you’ll notice HT has angled the mechanism at the back of the T1 to help guide the cleat into position.


This seems to be a running change, because early T1 pedals we saw used the older X2 design. HT has also added a little scale to the tension adjuster — it’s not indexed, but it does allow you to balance the release tension across all four sides.

With its hollow axle, the T1 is the lightest pedal on test, but you could save another 50g if you upgrade to a titanium-spindled T1T. It works out at a cool £1 per gram saved, but it is the pedal Enduro World Series champion Jérôme Clementz currently uses.

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With the same sized platform as Shimano’s XT pedal, direct comparisons are inevitable. The T1 is lighter, has excellent cornering clearance and works better in muddy conditions. However, the Shimano XT is more robust, has a more positive and audible engagement and is, crucially, £20 cheaper. The only reason we can see to buy the T1 over XT is for the colours, of which there are seven.