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Gamut Podium flat pedal


Gamut Podium flat pedal review


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This trick Gamut Podium is, by a margin, both light and slim. This 3rd generation model is derived from the original ultra-thin Point One pedal.

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It uses a tapered axle to achieve such a slender body and a four-bearings-per-side design, with the three smaller ones stacked together for stiffness.

The centre of the Podium’s 2mm concave platform measures a measly 8mm, which is a genuine performance advantage in terms of ground clearance and ‘dead spot’ reduction in each pedal stroke. Being so thin and lightweight, it’s also noticeable how easily the Podium turns over when pedalling, to the point you actively feel quicker climbing than on some pedals here weighing over 150g more.

The thin platform further reduces the chance of a dangerous snag on the ground (that could stop the bike dead) by using very chamfered corners to deflect off trail obstacles. The Gamut rules then in terms of pure stealth, but unfortunately real world grip levels and foot stability aren’t a match for the Podium’s strength in this area.

A protruding inner bearing housing makes the shoe platform feel smaller and eats into wriggle space at the ball of the foot. A bigger complaint though is the way the sole rolls off the trailing outer edge, giving a sensation grip is lacking. Basically, the rearward outside platform edge is too angled, which helps your foot curl over and slide off in the exact zone where maximum pressure is applied to turn the bike and control tyre grip.

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With a slightly tweaked body profile and pin placement the expensive Podium could be one of the very best flat pedals, but it needs more outright grip and security in muddy UK conditions.


Body:Cold forged aluminium
Size:100 x 100 x 8mm